Sunday, October 5, 2008

My enormous list of things to do.

1.  I've been elected president of a booster organization that supports my alma mater's drama club.  To get the year started off in a positive way, I've got a few things to do.  First, I've taken on the responsibility of taking care of some customer service issues with Samuel French.  Then I've got to make an appointment to go in to the school and meet with the principal about a fundraiser we are planning so that I can ask permission to use the school.  

2.  Gob Pile Chapbook Series.  The guts are almost edited and ready to print.  I've got to send proof copies out to the poets, collect stuff from my two editors, get the artwork finalized, get rights to use an image of a Penobscot indian man, and plan the Chapbook release soiree in November.  Which happens to be on my birthday.  Whee. 

3.  Plain Spoke.  Volume 2 Issue 3 is due out within the next two weeks.  Gotta get moving on that.  It's ready to print, but I've got paperwork to do and the actual production to get done.  

4.  Home work.  I adore my phonics class.  If all the grad classes were this fascinating, grad school would be Great Fun.  However, most of it is really dull, and confirms my suspicions that public education is a joke.  I don't know how I ever survived it. 

5.  Art.  I still have to get ready for my three big shows this fall.  I have very very little finished.  
6.  Hope that I get some me-time during xmas break.  

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