Friday, July 31, 2009

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Another nephew story. I really should be better about writing down how the little tyke stacks things up and makes trains out of household products and is picky about bathtub toys and how much he loves dumping water from one container into another before he gets too old to enjoy being uninhibited and I forget how fantastic it is to enjoy his childhood.

Last weekend, my mother went to get a shower, and Drake came into the living room and said, "An Ninny, me watch ponjbob?"

I said, "No, you know I do not allow you to watch that when I'm here." (Everyone else allows him to watch it, but I really just don't think it's appropriate for a three year old, and I refuse to participate in his watching it).

To my surprise, he climbed into my lap and said, "OK me talk you. You talk me, Ninny."

I said, "OK. What would you like to talk about?"
He Hrrrmed a little, and then he answered, "Cor-a-ine" (He's not big on Ls).

"What do you like about Coraline?"

"Ye-ow raincoat"

"What else?"

"Her bwoo hair, make pancakes." (On the Coraline Wii game, there is a pancake-making mini-game).

Then he added, "And Wybie." (from the movie, not the book).

"What about Wybie?"

"Him bwack eyes and bwack hands him bwack coat bwack cat bu-unns eyes." As he said this, he made circles with his thumbs and first fingers and put them up to his eyes. Then he began to swish his arms around, and said, "Umm, an Misser Bixsy have him wats go shwoo shwoo on a wines."

This explanation of Mr. Bobinsky's mouse circus made me laugh, and Drake laughed, too. Then I asked, "who else lives in Coraline's house?"

Drake said, "Euum, the ladies." Then he swished his hands around in the motion he has to make with the Wii remote in order to play the mini-game in the Ladies' rooms.

Then he smiled at me and said, "Ninny?"

And I said, "What, honey?"

He gave me a hug and said, "All buttered up now? Me watch ponjbob?"


jackie said...

o.k. that has to be the sweetest kid ever.........and i love your story telling

cathy said...

I agree totally. He IS the sweetest kid ever. His Aunt Ninny isn't too bad either.